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Meet the Pathwave Team

We believe in empowering teams and that starts with our own.

Pathwave is a proud member of

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Sean Kramer
President and CEO

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Sean Kramer is the co-founder and CEO of Pathwave. He has been a serial entrepreneur since he was a teenager, which led to one of his companies, Element Payment Services, a technology pioneer in integrated payments that processed over $10 billion in payments a year, to accept the second largest acquisition in the financial payments space at the time.


Sean believes in realizing visions that others only promise through excellent customer service, relationships, and partnering with customers.


Shawn Sellnow
Executive Sales Director

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Shawn has over 20 years of operational experience in the telecom industry and has a proven track record of creating operational efficiencies for industry leaders like American Tower, Tower Systems, Inc., and Total Comm Systems.


Before starting Pathwave, Shawn served as the COO of Total Comm Systems, where he managed highly operable engineering, construction, installation, and maintenance services. In 2016, Shawn and Sean started a telecom construction company to provide direct feedback for Pathwave, test their hypothesis, and to “go paperless” for the telecom industry.


Mike Roseberry

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Mike Roseberry is the co-founder and CTO of Pathwave. Mike previously served as the Chief Development Officer of Element Payment Services which rose to an industry leader in integrated payments. Mike went on to serve as SVP of Technology at Vantiv, the financial services company that acquired Element.

Mike found his passion for technology at 10 years old, writing software programs. Mike channels his passion every day to solve customer challenges by quickly iterating on solutions for customers and learning about their goals and unique opportunities.

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Our Story

Pathwave was purpose-built for you.

Sean and Shawn have seen Telecom crews inundated with different requirements and cumbersome project management tools. Pathwave was created to connect the teams that are enabling a connected world.

We started a telecom construction company to provide direct feedback for Pathwave, test our hypothesis, and to “go paperless”.

Today, Pathwave empowers telecom teams and moves safety forward. We care about you and understand the complexities and challenges your teams face every day.

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Olivia Johnston
Head of Product

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Olivia Johnston is the Head of Product at Pathwave where she focuses on product excellence and creates products customers love. Olivia has spent her career building products by breaking down complex problems into simple, delightful experiences. Prior to Pathwave, Olivia launched next-generation products for North America's largest grocery and digital retail chains and regulations-focused insurance products for automotive while establishing the foundations of product thinking on her teams. Olivia is also active in promoting Product Management in her community and is currently the co-chair of the first Product Meetup in Vermont.​

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Jesse Kunicki
Head of Engineering

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Jesse Kunicki is the Head of Engineering at Pathwave. Prior to Pathwave, Jesse served as Engineering Manager at Vox Media and Element Payment Services, and VP of Engineering at MyWebGrocer. Under Jesse’s leadership, his teams are empowered and encouraged to think creatively, often asking “why” to get to the bottom of a customer problem. He strives to find new and innovative ways to approach problems and opportunities. He believes in delighting customers and wakes up every day thinking about what he can do to better understand the customer’s perspective.

We care that you and your crews are successful.

We built Pathwave from the ground up with our customers at the center of everything we do. Pathwave was created to connect the teams that are enabling a connected world.


We started a telecom construction company to provide direct feedback for Pathwave, test our hypotheses, and to "go paperless". From day 1, our crews and teams have been vital to making the product better. Now, our customers are part of the team that continues to set the bar and make us better, so we can better help you.

We would love to hear from you.

Join our growing community and provide your valuable feedback.

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