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What's New in Pathwave

Get Pathwave's product updates.

We improve Pathwave every day and send valuable Product Updates monthly. Stay up to date with how to maximize the connection from the field to the back office.


Never miss another safety form again

Prompt crews to complete the appropriate safety documentation for the job. Completed safety documents are available to the back office in real-time, while crews are still in the field.

Eliminate return visits

Ensure you get the pictures you need while you are on site. Photos are automatically labeled, organized, date/time stamped, and tailored to the job. View pictures in real-time from the ground and in the back office while your team is still on the tower. 

Prove site completion and get paid sooner

Automatically create the close out packages and picture packages for stakeholders. Access site pictures, redlines, and job documents real-time, while your crew is still on site. 

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