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Modern Closeout Packages for Verizon

Pathwave provides photo capture, automatic labeling, and automatic mapping to Verizon ONEHandoff (tower, small cell, 48hr) closeout packages at the click of a button. Back office teams report up to 6 hours reduced when creating a closeout package.

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Effortless Closeout Packages

Generate Verizon Closeout Packages in seconds

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Contractors consistently meet Verizon's high standard of quality

Contractors are guided through the photos required in the field. Access photos directly in real time from the back office. The required Verizon ONEHandoff is automatically populated with the photos from the field at the click of a button. It's that easy. No more mapping photos to cells by hand and copying and pasting.

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Drastically improved accuracy & efficiency

Verizon contractors experience pre-built photo lists that are tailored to scope of work and meet Verizon's high standard of quality. Only take the photos you need. Never miss or lose a photo. Seamlessly guide teams through the photos you need in the field. Contractors reduce 6+ hours creating a closeout package in back office time alone.

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Share closeout packages directly with stakeholders

A modern closeout package for all stakeholders. Automatically generate same day closeout packages. Share the job and closeout package via a shareable link. Access photos and files directly, in addition to the completed Verizon ONEHandoff spreadsheet for your specific scope. No need to email massive files and extract photos from a spreadsheet. The closeout package prepared exactly as you need it.

Verizon Closeout Package June 2022
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Why Pathwave

A single tool for closeouts and safety

Manage Safety Program

Digitize your safety program and embed safety as the basis of operations. Prompt crews to complete the appropriate safety documentation for the job. Real-time visibility for the back office, while crews are still in the field. Track required and missing crew qualifications and certifications by team member position. Utilize dynamic forms and conduct inspections and audits in the field.

Closeout Packages

Automatically create closeout packages and picture packages for stakeholders. Photos are automatically labeled, organized, date/time/geo stamped, and tailored to the job. Generate the tower owner closeout package and carrier closeout package with pictures from the field. Access site pictures, redlines, and job documents real-time, while crews are still on site.

Purpose-built from the ground up

Connect the field to the back office. Seamless management from pre-construction to closeout with real-time visibility. Standardize Safety and embed safety at the foundation of operations. Conduct in-field inspections and audits with purpose-built technology and dynamic safety forms. Streamline status updates and automate closeout deliverables with increased quality and consistency.

Robust Integration Capabilities

Capability to integrate with Verizon tools and systems. Intent to enable a systematic upload of photos, files, and job information to Fuze and Verizon's internal tools. File the standard Verizon ONEHandoff spreadsheet for reference purposes while accessing photos and pertinent job information directly. Pathwave enables contractors to produce high quality and consistent closeout packages.


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A purpose-built, single tool that crews love to use.

Get the best of both worlds - exceed quality and consistency standards while improving efficiency.

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